[Note: This entry was actually written in Sep 2009. I changed the posting date to keep my blog entries in chronological order.]

I received a phone call from the Univ. Washington Medical Center (UWMC) today. They have just joined the National Kidney Registry and want me to come in to get interviewed by a nephrologist, social worker, psychiatrist, and transplant surgeon. They also want to perform a physical exam, chest x-ray, ECG, blood tests, creatinine clearance rate test, and a CT scan. I’m ready to go, but the earliest they can schedule me is August 28.

I notice there are not enough pictures in my blog, so I’ll add one here.

Illustration from Clarian Health

The above illustration shows that the preferred location for the transplanted kidney is below the existing kidneys, in the groin closer to the bladder. If the recipient’s own two kidneys are functional, they remain in place and are not removed.

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