Notes from our home remodeling projects

We started a home remodeling project in 2008. It keeps growing and is still in progress. We may never finish.

Blog posts entitled “Build a…” are standalone projects. Blogs entitled “Make a…” are smaller projects or part of a bigger project.



Build a breakfast bar

A peninsula made with IKEA cabinets and custom wood panels and curved countertops (9/29/2012)

Make a compound curve template
Make wood panels with grid pattern


Build a wine rack

A back-lit wine rack with clear plastic shelves and dividers. Holds various size bottles (10/27/2012)


Build a kitchen island

A kitchen island made with IKEA cabinets and custom millwork (9/15/2012)


Build a dish cabinet

A tall cabinet with full length doors and adjustable shelves(11/10/2012)


Make window casings

Wood casings to cover vinyl-clad windows (10/20/2012)


Home office


Make a desk

A computer desk with a solid slab top and industrial looking legs (6/1/2013)




Build a laundry room

A reach-in closet with a tile floor and solid shelving (12/13/2011)


Remodel a small bathroom

A powder room with tile floor, pedestal sink, and antique bronze fixtures (8/16/2013)


Build a small staircase

Cover concrete steps with hardwood flooring (8/22/2013)


We’ve started a major home remodeling project

It all began with demolition in 2008 (5/28/2008)


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