Oh light, you really turn me on!

[Note: This entry was posted on 17 Sep 2019. It is backdated to keep it in chronological order.]

by George Taniwaki

In the breakfast area of the TownePlace Suite hotel in Mukilteo, Washington, there is a mural painted on the wall of a Boeing 787 soaring above a silhouette of some local attractions. That’s not unusual, Boeing has a large factory in nearby Everett where the 787 is made.

But the mural is so small. It doesn’t cover the whole wall. So someone put a white wood frame around it to make it look like a painting instead of a mural. There, that fixed it.

But the airplane doesn’t pop out. So they added a light fixture above it to highlight it with a switch to control it. There, that fixed it.

But the light switch is covered by the faux frame. So they cut a hole in the frame. There, that fixed it.

Luckily the switch cover is white, so this botched attempt at art enhancement isn’t very noticeable. It took me a while staring at the wall while eating my breakfast to figure out what I was looking at.

Much thanks to my wife Susan for doing her best Vanna White impression.

* * * *

Sometimes it isn’t just a frame that ruins the art. Sometimes, the art itself gets ruined by well-meaning but incompetent workers. For some prominent examples of “botched” art restoration, see what happened to Ecce Homo (BBC Sep 2012), King Tutankhamen funerary mask (artnet Jan 2015), Virgin Mary in Ranadoiro (All World Report Sep 2018), and St. George in Navarra (Smithsonian Jun 2019).

* * * *

As a side note, the breakfast the TownePlace Suite includes Chinese (congee), Japanese (misoshiru and rice), and American (sausage, eggs, cereal with milk) options. Pretty odd selection for a suburban hotel until you realize the number of vendors that must stay here while visiting Boeing.