Comics are fun. That makes them a good way to explain behavioral changes needed to stay healthy and safe. Image by Gemma Corell from Creativity in Captivity

by George Taniwaki

The latest issue of JAMA (Nov 2020) has a short article about the best nontechnical graphic work in medicine this past year. Naturally, the most popular topic has been the coronavirus pandemic.

I’m a big fan of visual displays of data and of comics, so this story really piqued my interest. In case you cannot access the JAMA article, I reproduce the links below.

Instructional comics

Argha Manna – Be Aware of Droplets and Bubbles

Toby Morris and Siouxsie Wiles – The Side Eye: Viruses vs Everyone

Zach Weinersmith, et al. – A Comic Strip Tour Of The Wild World Of Pandemic Modeling

Weiman KowHow COVID-19 Spreads

Personal stories

Gemma Correll – Creativity in Captivity

Gemma Correll – Save it for a Rainy Year

The Nib and Thu Bui – Inequity in the Time of Pandemic 

Comics as Therapy

Graphic Medicine, Drawing TogetherThe Age of Covid-19

New York Times, The Diary Project

Teresa Watson – Welcome to the Covid-19 Mental Health Struggle

Anders Nilsen – How Do We Wrap Our Heads Around Something This Big?