by George Taniwaki

Remember, World Kidney Day 2014 is coming soon. This year it is 13 Mar 2014 and the theme is “kidneys age, just like you.” This campaign, designed to raise awareness of kidney health is organized by the International Federation of Kidney Foundations and the International Society of Nephrologists and is sponsored by Danone Research.

If you are interested in generating publicity, see the flyer below. To get a copy of the promotional materials, click here.

  World Kidney Day
Get ready for 13 March 2014
Kidneys age, just like you

Happy 2014!
May you all have a wonderful year ahead, full of joy and happiness. We look forward to an exciting 2014 and a tremendous World Kidney Day!

To kick-start the new year, we are happy to share with you our brand new campaign material! Click here to see it all. In these last months leading up to World Kidney Day, we will continue to make more material available.
You are free to use and share all this material with your colleagues, friends and relatives. All items are available in editable format so you can translate them to your local language before using them.
The success of World Kidney Day depends on you. Help us create a buzz about World Kidney Day and distribute this material as much as you can. Also, don’t forget to share your plans with us by pinning your events and initiatives on the
interactive map.
Click on the icons below to join our social media community. This is where we our WKD family is built. You can share your ideas, pictures and get regular updates on the campaign status, and more.
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World Kidney Day is a joint  ISNIFKF   initiative supported by   DANONE RESEARCH