I just saw a link shared by The Living Kidney Donors Network on its Facebook page. The link was to a press release by Donate Life California. In it is a very clever video by David Goldman called “David Got a Kidney.” It is worth a view.


Video still from “David Got a Kidney” Courtesy David Goldman

David is a kidney patient who was one of the participants of a very long kidney chain (28 patients at 19 different transplant centers over a span of about six weeks) facilitated by the National Kidney Registry.


David has an earlier video entitled “David Needs a Kidney” that was featured in a Jan 2013 blog post.


Reading through the press release, I notice that Donate Life California operates a service called Living Donation California. Living Donation California is an information and referral service that promotes living organ donation. It was created as a result of California SB 1395, the “Altruistic Living Donor Registry Act of 2010.” The bill was championed by then Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Apple founder Steve Jobs. For more about the bill, read this Jun 2010 blog post.