by George Taniwaki

Reproduced below is what I hope to be the final email I received from Alex, the scam artist who responded to a Craigslist ad I posted. A complete description of the attempted scam is reported in a Jun 2013 blog post.

This email is a follow up to a check she mailed to me for an amount far in excess of the price of the item I was selling. I did not deposit her check (it is obviously a counterfeit) and did not send a requested MoneyGram to her “movers”.

Her email starts off with a plaintive call for a reply followed by a threat of legal action. (Ha ha. Somehow, I doubt she will follow through on that threat.) The letter ends with a couple of misspelled words and closes with a friendly “Good day.”  I like it.


Sent: Friday, June 14, 2013 8:11 AM
To: George Taniwaki
Subject: Re: Beautiful Mission-style cupboard


What is going on? The check has been delivered to you and you never get back to me regarding the movers money and the pick up schedule.

Are you trying to run away with my hard earned money? Remember i am a Marine and my friend works with the FBI you will be tracked down and arrested. I will also contact my lawyer now for a legal process.

To safe all this troubleyou better get back to me now.

Good day.


Alex sent the email to me twice, a few hours apart. She has done this before. I guess it must be hard to remember whether you’ve sent a particular email when you have dozens of scams going on at once. Hey, maybe Alex should invest in a CRM email tracking system.