I just came across the website for Dying to Live, an award-winning documentary that traces the personal stories of four patients on the organ transplant waiting list. The stories cover both live and deceased donor transplants.

The one hour movie was released in 2011 and was produced and directed by John Robbins and Lance Lipman. There is a trailer available on YouTube.


Video still from Dying to Live from YouTube

The theatrical license at the distributor’s website (Icarus Films) is $248 which is very reasonable. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for an individual to see this movie at home. It isn’t available for sale at Amazon or for rent on Netflix. You can special order it by contacting the distributor. I’ve contacted them and hope to have a chance to view the movie and provide a review.

[Update: I’ve posted a review of the movie Dying to Live at https://realnumeracy.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/movie-review-dying-to-live/.]