Today, Microsoft Bing announced that it would offer a free music download to the first 500,000 customers who signed up on its website. I went to Softpedia to read about it, see the screenshot below.


Bing story. Image from Softpedia

Notice the big download button above the story. I clicked on it, which led me to the following download page.


I clicked on the Download Free button, which downloads the file and opens the IE security warning dialog.


Do you notice something unusual here? The file isn’t an mp3 and the publisher isn’t Microsoft Corporation. Instead, it is an executable from some company called

Very clever. A company called SearchAle bought a Google display ad that leads people to believe that Microsoft Bing’s free music download is obtained by clicking a big button. I gotta quit clicking on big buttons like that. Though since I run on a Mac with a virtual Windows 7 machine, the worst that can happen is I ruin the VM and need to reimage it.