Earlier this week, CBS Evening News ran a story by Katie Couric entitled “Chain of Life.” The story, originally scheduled to run in September, focuses on the great work of Garet Hil and National Kidney Registry. The NKR is a kidney exchange that allows more patients with ESRD to find a live donor and receive a transplant.  The story was part of CBS News’ “The American Spirit” series.


Chain of Life. Video still from CBS News

Since the story aired, over 200 people have sent inquiries to NKR on how they can participate in a kidney chain. That compares to one or two on an average day. Says Mr. Hil, “We are currently being inundated with donors and recipients looking for more information. We will refer these people to our member centers as fast a possible.”

CBS News also featured the work of the NKR in an earlier story that aired in Aug 2010 and mentioned in a Sep 2010 blog post.