If any of you use Windows Live Spaces for your blog, and there must be at least one other person on Earth besides me who does, then you’ve had to tolerate some serious UI issues. For instance, sometimes the Live Spaces interface would appear in Spanish or another foreign language. Who knows why?

A major annoyance occurred a few months ago. The statistics feature, which is very important if you are trying to gauge the amount of traffic to your blog, was removed without notice or explanation. The feature didn’t work very well and was quite limited, but did they (the Windows Live team) have to kill it?

Another problem was the insert picture feature worked erratically. Sometimes high-resolution pictures would get downsampled before they were uploaded. Oftentimes, if you clicked on a thumbnail picture in my blog, it would display a pop-up of another image the same size and resolution as the thumbnail. I tried fixing it sometimes by editing the HTML by hand and uploading the high-resolution picture manually. But sometimes my manual coding wouldn’t work and I couldn’t figure out why. I also had a problem getting embedded videos to display and play.

Creating and editing tables was hard. I use a lot of tables in my blog. I coded my HTML tables by hand, which was tedious and error-prone. Finally, the trackback feature was completely overrun with spam while the comment feature had a CAPTCHA test that was so hard that nobody was leaving comments.

So what are the alternatives? Well, I like WordPress. If I had to do it again, I would probably use it. (I like Google Blogger too. However, as a Microsoft contractor I didn’t want to antagonize my coworkers by using a product from a direct competitor.)

Well, today, Microsoft has announced that it has thrown in the towel and is inviting all Windows Live Spaces users to switch to WordPress. My new blog will be located at https://realnumeracy.wordpress.com. I haven’t had time to migrate my content to this new site yet. I probably won’t be in the mood (or in a coherent state of mind) to do it until next week. At that time, I’ll provide a complete review of the migration tools to convert a Windows Live Spaces site to WordPress.

[Update: There is no transition “tool”. It’s just a one button step. And Live Spaces users have no choice. They must switch to WordPress or their blog will disappear at the end of the year.]