My quest to find a restaurant that serves fresh huitlacoche continues unabated. (I’ll admit my so-called quest has been pretty lackadaisical and sporadic.) My latest failure is El Sabor de Oaxaca in Pioneer Square which received a glowing review in the Stranger in Apr 2008. Alas, navigating to its website gives a 404 not found error. And a review on Yelp dated Jun 2009 says, “This place went out of business or moved. Guajillo’s is now at this location…”

And while Guajillo’s menu displays some tasty items, it does not serve huitlacoche. But then I found another Yelp review dated Jan 2010 that says, “This place is now closed :(“ Oh well.

If you’re not sure what huitlacoche is, check this description at Steve, Don’t Eat it!, a feature of a blog called TheSneeze. I think Steve would have liked it better if he tasted the fresh version rather than the canned stuff. I tried canned huitlacoche a few years ago and found it as appealing as canned spinach. It was overcooked and gooey with the texture of mush, and had an odd flavor. It was not firm with a nutty aromatic flavor like good blue corn smut should have. Fresh huitlacoche looks like this and is quite delicious.

Tortilla_Huitlacoche  Delectable huitlacoche. Photo from Wikipedia

I became an aficionado of huitlacoche during a vacation in Mexico City several years ago. I ended up having it at two different restaurants and liked it both times. In each case, it was offered by the waiter when I asked for a recommendation. Given what it is, I’m surprised they offered it to a gringo. But I’m glad they did. (Although, maybe they just wanted to see my reaction.)


While perusing TheSneeze blog, I found a fascinating post regarding Steve’s father’s habit of drawing faces on cakes. He investigates his father’s self-taught art ability (or lack thereof) and accidentally discovers the original source materials with the help of several blog readers. This shows just how the Internet has changed everything. That’s right, because of the web, we can connect with complete strangers and learn extensive details about topics we previously would have just considered useless, random time killers. Now, if I could just find that restaurant…

htdafcompare    F cartoon. Image from TheSneeze