After being accepted as a nondirected donor by the Univ. Washington Medical Center’s transplant (Mar 11), I told them I wanted to try one last time to start a kidney donor chain. As I suspected, another month of waiting on the donor list for the National Kidney Registry didn’t make a difference. I didn’t match anyone on their list. Unless matching rules change, someone with AB blood type like me will be very unlikely to ever match anyone on an exchange list. (For an explanation, see this Mar 2010 blog post.) So now I will let the UWMC match me with a patient on the UNOS waiting list.

My donor nephrectomy is now tentatively scheduled for Wed, Jun 30. I picked the week of June 28th for my surgery because it is the week before Independence Day. That way I can get paid for the holiday. I won’t get paid for my other sick days off, so getting one extra day of pay will be nice. The UWMC kidney transplant unit always schedules their elective surgeries on Wednesdays. I’m sure this simplifies the life for their surgeons who must juggle teaching, research, patient care, and managing the surgical program. How can a single person be good in all four of these areas?