I began my investigation of kidney matching software after receiving an email from my friend Carol Borthwick, who runs Qean Medical. Last year she sent me a link to a video from DEMO 09 for an innovative transplant matching program called Matchmaker from Silverstone Solutions. The software allows a clinician to compare the HLA profiles of patients with available donors. I contacted the firm, but have not received a response as of yet. My main question is how does this clinician-level view integrate with the national-level matching algorithms used by the large kidney exchanges and UNOS. My guess is it doesn’t. The inability to integrate with these databases may limit the market for this product.


Silverstone Matchmaker demo. Video still from DEMO 09.


I also found an electronic database and alert system from Transplant Connect. This company’s product helps organ procurement organizations (OPO) manage their caseload and quickly communicate deceased donor information to participating hospitals. The software supports the UNOS-designed xml schema for offering donor tissue and organs called DonorNet 2007.

[Update: Silverstone has a new product called MatchGrid. It is featured in a story in the Wall St. J. Apr 2011. The story in the Wall St. J. occurred after a 5-way kidney swap that is the basis for a 3-part Apr 2011 blog post.]