Christina Do (at left) started this kidney chain. Photo from Glamour

by George Taniwaki

Harvey Mysel of the Living Kidney Donor Network (see Feb 2010 blog post) just sent me an email saying that Glamour Mar 2010 contains a 5-page article featuring a kidney donation chain that started with an altruistic donor, includes 10 donor-recipient pairs, and a final recipient without a donor. This is second longest known chain, involved 22 people and resulted in 11 transplants. The altruistic donor, Christina Do (in red above), signed up to donate her kidney through the National Kidney Registry, one of the organizations that I signed up with.

Kudos for Glamour. This is at least the second time the magazine has featured live kidney donors. The previous time was in Feb 2008, when if featured a donation by Tom Simon (see Nov 2009 blog post and Dec 2007 blog post), who donated a kidney to a stranger he met through

When magazine articles (see Nov 2009 blog post) and television segments feature live kidney doors, it makes the public much more aware that living kidney donation is an act that is socially acceptable. I’m sure it makes more people willing to consider becoming a donor, or at least less likely to discourage others from becoming one.

[Side note: The LKDN has just posted some great educational material (in addition to a PDF of this Glamour article) on its website.]