Google has an interesting new search feature. If you run a query on a band name, the top result is a sample of a few songs. I ran a search for “Fleetwood Mac” using IE on Windows and got these 4 songs from their 2 best-selling albums in the 1970s with a button to play the sample from


However, when I run the same query using Safari on my Mac, I get these results from


Why do the results on different platforms use music from different sources? And now that Apple bought Lala, will it become the music provider when users run queries on Macs too?

A more interesting question is, what album are these songs from? The tag says “Greatest Hits – 2009”, but these songs are all live versions that I’ve never heard before. Fleetwood Mac is on tour this year, but they don’t have a new live album out (that I know of). And these songs feature the voice of Christine McVie who retired from the band ten years ago, so I’m guessing they must be recordings from the 1990s. If you click on the link to the iLike website, it takes you to a download page for the album versions of these songs, not the live versions you just listened to.

Anyone who knows how I can get these songs, please post a comment.

[Update: I confirmed that using Safari on Windows gives same results as using IE, the sample songs are from]