[Note: This entry was actually written in Sep 2009. I changed the posting date to keep my blog entries in chronological order.]

I just read another great article on kidney donations written by Virginia Postrel (another article by her is mentioned in a Dec 2007 blog post), The story appears in The Atlantic Jul 2009. She talks about on the creation of the National Kidney Registry, the benefits of paired exchange donations, how allowing financial incentives could encourage more people to donate kidneys, and the ethical problems facing transplant patients who choose medical tourism as an alternative to being on a waiting list in the U.S.

As I stated in a Nov 2007  blog post, I am registered to be a donor through two organizations, the NKR and the Alliance for Paired Donations (APD). I’ve been on both lists for over a year and am surprised how long the matching process is taking (more on how waiting lists work in a future post). Ms. Postrel describes some of the inequities created by waiting lists and the prohibition on incentives from the recipient’s point of view in a Forbes article in 2006.

[Update: My own experience with the MatchingDonors list is described in a Sep 2009 blog post.]