[Note: This entry was actually written in Sep 2009. I changed the posting date to keep my blog entries in chronological order.]

I was just looking at my blood test results from my recent physical exam. As shown in the table below, my cholesterol level is at the upper end of the optimal range and my LDL level is above the optimal range.

Test Result Optimal range
Total cholesterol, mg/dl 170 100-190
Triglycerides, mg/dl 83 0-149
HDL, mg/dl 48 40-59
VLDL, mg/dl 17 5-40
LDL, calc., mg/dl 105 0-99

Should I be concerned? My mother also has high cholesterol and takes medication for it. And cholesterol metabolism is hereditary. On the other hand, there is no history of heart disease in my immediate family. Both my mother and I are healthy, Neither of us is overweight, we’re both fairly active, and we don’t smoke.

Can I be denied health coverage for a pre-existing condition if this test result becomes known to an insurance company? Having test results like this leads to more questions than answers.

My wife says not to worry, my results are within the normal range as determined by the American Heart Society as shown in the table below.

Test Range Description
Total cholesterol, mg/dl 0-199
Borderline risk
High risk
HDL, mg/dl >50 men, >60 women
40-50 men, 50-60 women
<40 men, <50 women
High risk
LDL, mg/dl <100
Near optimal
Borderline high
Very high